Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Fluffy and George

So, what's this about Santa is white?

Beats me.  Like his skin color changes who he is?

Speaking of creating outrage.  How come PETA isn't
an end to reindeer abuse?
   Where's the Unions yelling
 about Santa's Elves' working conditions? 
Yeah.  And where's OSHA and the EPA on this?
 And DHS.  And what about cities with ordinances
 against stopping standing and parking on residential rooftops?
  And surely entering a domicile via the chimney
 goes against SOMEBODY's sensibilities.
Good thing Santa is a magic elf. 
Just imagine how bad it could get without that magic.


  1. How else can he break the laws of physics and get round the world in one night?

  2. You forgot the NSA, we've been monitoring you, Fluffy.
    - National Snoopers of America

  3. Santa's reindeer are all female. Maybe Santa's actually a female, too. It would explain the not getting lost part.....

  4. Hey, fatman, watch those cookies! - HHS
    Please sign up on Healthcare.gov

  5. The USDA has regulated the amount of reindeer milk that has to be pasturized for the above mentioned cookies. Jointly yours, the FDA and Dept. of Agriculture

  6. What a lovely take on Christmas.
    Wishing you a very happy holiday season. Merry Christmas.