Friday, August 16, 2013

Pop Culture Frenzy, Round 15

Welcome to Pop Culture Frenzy.  Let's get on with it.

The Washington Redskins are feeling some heat lately from voices asserting that their team name is offensive. What team name could they (or any sport team for that matter) choose that won't offend anybody?


Maybe they could use alphabet letters. 
 Like Team X?
Then there'd be complaints that
that dominant alphabet excludes
 the differently alphabeted.
Football is violent and encourages
 men to be physically hostile.
Football is a game.
A game that many people enjoy playing
 and watching.  I hope the Redskins
 refuse to change the name of their team.
So you don't buy the assertion
 that "Redskins" is offensive?
Of course not.
"Redskin" is an old fashioned informal word
 referring to a North American Indian.
  It conveys courage, toughness.
  You know, the very qualities one
 would want in a competitive team.  
Some Native Americans have complained
 that the name is offensive.
So?  Every time somebody complains that they are offended,
 we have to change something?  That doesn't make sense.
  I am offended that I must be on a leash in public. 
 If I complained and made self centered
 demands,  I'd never get to take a walk.
Native Americans are special.
  We took their land from them and stuff.
Yes, many early settlers mistreated the Indian.
  We all know that.  What is pathetic is how Native Americans
 have been turned into helpless waifs dependent on government
 and fed a steady dose of rancor against their "conquerors". 
 What present day people with Native American blood really
 are, or ought to be, are Americans.  Rather than accepting
 history and learning from it, why must we keep apologizing for it?
It's their heritage, their identity.
There's a difference between having a connection
 to the past, your heritage, and expecting
 special treatment because of it.
I had a feeling this pop culture frenzy question
would prove unanswerable.
Yeah well, ha!
  Let me tell you something.
  I self identify as a dolphin.
  Dolphins are intelligent peaceful
 docile creatures ill suited to the hostility of football.
  I demand that Miami change their team name!


  1. What we really need in football are Mayan rules. The losing team forfeits their lives.

    That way soon enough, no more football.

  2. Bryan is funny but Molly always has the best answers!!