Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Rose's Reality

As Rose ages, she collects diagnoses.  (click here for previous adventures in dx!).

Rose's hips are creaky and more than a wee bit wobbly.  It is probably a good thing that she paces.  All that movement helps keep old joints lubricated.  Still, there is a hitch in her hips.  She usually needs a boost up the stairs.  Rose, as always, goes with it.  Back legs don't bend like they used to?  Just create a new gait!  So, on the straightaway, Rose has developed an interesting sort of cartoon gallop.

It gets her from here to there.

It's tougher to bend down when your hips don't always stand steady, so we've elevated Rose's food dish.  This, combined with her pacing, better enables Rose to drop chunks of food over a greater distance, i.e. not just on the kitchen floor surrounding the bowl but in an ever widening span that includes the dining and living room floors.

Meanwhile, Rose's vision has taken a hit.   We've got a case of the missing retina.  Upon examination, the veterinarian could not find Rose's retina at all in her left eye and could just barely make it out in her right eye.  Therefore, Rose is probably blind in her left eye and sees only shadows in her right eye. 

Is this Rose's reality?
Who knows.
I know this.  The other day, it was sunny and warm.  Therefore, after I hosed off a bird cage, I left it on the driveway to dry.  Rose walked into it.

With probable deafness previously established, Rose has entered Helen Keller territory.