Friday, February 1, 2013

Breed Profile: Yorkshire Terrier

During the 1800's weavers from Scotland brought their little dogs with them to work in English mills.  Those dogs were bred with assorted terriers, many now extinct, to develop what became known as the Yorkshire Terrier.  At first, the Yorkie worked as a ratter and pet for working class folks.  Soon the upper class noticed the pretty dogs.  The Yorkie was bred down in size- the better to be a lapdog.  The Yorkshire Terrier may have gotten smaller but he did not lose his vermin hunting prowess, nor his spunky attitude.

Yorkie puppy

Yorkie adult

Some Yorkie Facts

- height at shoulder:  8-9 inches

- weight:  under 7 pounds

-  life span:  14-16 years

- the long silky coat requires regular brushing to keep it looking good and free from mats

The Yorkshire Terrier is intelligent, nosey, self confident and determined.  That's why training a  willful, easily bored, frequently distracted, stubborn Yorkie is challenging.

Though delicate looking and seeming to belong tucked onto a lap, the Yorkie is a terrier.  Terriers can certainly be affectionate and enjoy a nice cuddle,  they also like to keep busy exploring, hunting varmints and supervising the other members of the household.  Thus, as a Yorkie might say, if you want a lap dog, get a King Charles Spaniel.

Yorkie Manifesto

-  who you calling small?!  I am most certainly not small.

-  if you want a dog that cheerfully endures ear pulling by toddlers, get a Golden Retriever

-  I am beautiful even with mouse entrails in my beard

Yorkshire Terriers are high energy dogs that need exercise.  Due to their small size, a short walk and some play around the house, along with their bustling nature, keeps them fit.  Other pets and Yorkies can live peacefully together.  However, supervision may be needed with larger dogs as the Yorkie can be pushy and more aggressive than his brawn can back up.  Pets such as hamsters, must be protected, as that terrier spirit is likely to see them as prey. 

Young children may inadvertently injure the petite Yorkshire Terrier, therefore, this is a breed best suited to adults and older gentler children.

Always alert to goings on, the Yorkie is a good watchdog.  He is not shy about barking.

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  1. Love my Yorkie! This is Biscuit

    She's 4 pounds and she's the boss of both my English bulldogs. :D

  2. I've always wanted a Yorkie. They're so cute!

    A family friend had one. She was so tiny--they were having some work done in their house and one of the workmen stepped back, didn't see her--and crushed her.

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