Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mabel Got Gimp


When Mabel was a puppy she developed a gimp trying to keep up with the agile two year old sheepdog, Lois.


Mastiffs, such as Mabel, are big strong dogs not necessarily suited to the basketball style head and body fakes Lois was throwing her way.  Thus, Mabel pulled something or other in or near her shoulder due to her ponderous reaction to being faked out.  Because Mabel was still growing, there was concern that she was suffering osteo difficulties that sometimes occur in the slow growing bones of giant breeds.  Happily, her bones grew fine, but for a while we were in a scary waiting pattern which included rest and probably pointless expensive supplements from the vet.

Consequently, Mabel missed out on half her puppy classes, outings, walks around the neighborhood - too stressful and physical for her maybe condition, don't you know.  Poof, goes that window of socialization!  Here's a command I hadn't counted on teaching Mabel:  Stay Shy.

That was then.  Now is now.  Mabel will be six years old in a couple of weeks.  Yesterday, she turned up with a limp accompanied by mild dramatics evidenced by tragic visage and beleaguered posture.  Looks like Mabel has re injured that shoulder yet again (this is something like the fourth or fifth time.  She has recovered from each re injury within two weeks).  This latest re injury probably occurred while chasing the resident bunny from our yard.

Mabel will walk it off, so to speak.  As for expensive supplements that may or may not do any good?  I've been sharing my Glucosamine Chodrotitin.


  1. Lynn, I had no problem uploading a jpeg just last night, so not all are affected by this problem.
    Whenever I have difficulties with a website (and the site is no help at all) I just post the question on a google search and always find other people with the same problem, and also find solutions theyve posted that have worked for them. Maybe you already did that, though. Good luck with that annoying problem.

    1. Thanks Ted. I still can't post new stuff but at least I figured out that I can repost pictures from old posts!