Friday, December 21, 2012

Fluffy/Pop Culture Frenzy, Round 5

Welcome once again to Pop Culture Frenzy.  This is Round 5.  Now for our question.

A plot to murder Justin Bieber has been thwarted!  Why would anybody want to murder Justin Bieber?  Molly?

He's the Canadian singer with the awful helmet hair, right? 
Maybe the would-be killers were outraged hairdressers?
Hostmaster:  incorrect?  Bryan?

A guy with a tattoo of Justin Bieber on his leg was so distraught
 that he couldn't attend Bieber's sold out show at Madison Square Garden
 on account of him being in prison, he asked 
 his idiot nephew to kill Bieber.  You know, the "if I can't
see my idol in concert nobody will" sort of crazy?
Hostmaster:  hmm.  Intriguing.  Not incorrect but not correct either.  Cyndi? 
First of all, Justin Beiber has updated his look.  Obviously, as he
 is a man now, he has a manly hairdo.  This change from tween heartthrob to
 adult hottie is the real reason this misguided fan wanted to kill Justin.
  You see he's, like, a pedophile and no longer finds
 Justin attractive.  It is sad and wrong all at the same time.
Hostmaster:  So ends Round 5.  Sadly and wrongly, you might say.

Round 5
Fluffy/Molly  3
Byran/Cyndi  2
Manly is not the word that leaps to mind to describe Justin Bieber's hair.
  How about we call it neo helmet hair?


  1. Bieber has a manly hairdo? Bieber couldn't look manly even with a butch cut!

  2. Very funny!

    Bieber's running out of time before his audience is sick and tired of him... and when that happens, there won't be anyone who'll step in and become his audience.

    Of course, by then, he'll be broke, with his managers stealing every cent he ever made...