Saturday, September 15, 2012

Breed Profile: Weimaraner

The Weimaraner Vorsetehund is a handsome fearless hunting dog who loves to be with his family.  This is not a dog you keep in a kennel and let out for a day of shooting.  This dog needs to live with his people and prefers to be close to them.  Some have described the Weimaraner's affection as needy.  Others call it:  in your face.

In the 1800's, the German Court of Weimar sought to develop an all around hunting dog that could hunt game of all types and sizes from birds to bears.  Numerous breeds were used to create the Weimar Pointer, as it was originally known, including Bloodhound, Red Schweisshund, assorted pointers including the German Short haired Pointer, and probably other breeds as well.  Where exactly the unique gray color originated is not known.
In 1929 the Weimaraner came to the US.  Impressive in obedience competitions, the breed drew interest.  Once the breed's versatile hunting talents were discovered, Weimaraner popularity increased still more.
About that unusual coat- it is short and easy to care for.  Most people do little more than polish it with a grooming mitt.  The coat color ranges from silver gray to mousy gray.
Some Weimaraner Facts
- life span:  10-13 years
- height at shoulder:  23-27 inches
- weight:  50-90 pounds
- eyes: amber, blue, blue-gray
- nose:  gray
- tail is docked to 6 inches 
Weimaraner Manifesto
-  I sometimes get rambunctious, small persons take heed for I may accidentally knock you down 
-  No, I am not stubborn nor headstrong.  I learn quickly, so don't bore me with pointless repetition  
-  I need to exercise everyday or I get a little antsy

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  1. I've seen this type of dog around before, but I've never heard the breed name before now.

  2. I always think it sad that most fir-peeps get such a short life-span.

    Hugs and chocolate,