Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Matching Style, Interspecies Version

Last week one of my facebook friends shared an article on matching jewelry for you and your dog.  There was an invitation to Enter and Win a Beautiful Necklace/Collar Set containing Real Gems!

The accompanying photo showed a garish wide grayish colored collar sprinkled with blueish colored stones, alongside a thick silver necklace laced with similar blueish colored stones. My first reaction to this was not as positive as the comments that followed the article.  Here are some highlights to give a general idea of the enthusiasm contained in those comments.

"It's soooo beautiful!"

"Me and my sweet Poopsie DESERVE to win this!"

"Everybody should want to wear this unbelievably fantastic jewelry and show the world how glamorous a girl and her dog can be!"

"I can't believe they are giving this away!  I want it so bad!  My dog wants it so bad!"

"Where can I buy a set of matching jewelry for me and my Precious?!"

By now, someone has won this Matching Set of Gal Pal, Human/Canine Edition Fashion Nirvana.  Even if I wanted to decorate myself and my dog thus, it is doubtful that I have enough money in my trinket budget to purchase any such ornamentation.

Guess I'll stick to my old ways.

Matching Rubber Bands


  1. I somehow doubt the dog would want such things to begin with.

    maybe to chew on the box it was sent in. That I can see.

  2. Oh Lynn, the matching hairstyle is hilarious. Someone once asked me how I got my hair-color to match my dachshund! I wasn't sure if it was a compliment or not. LOL