Thursday, May 3, 2012

Breed Profile: Kuvasz

The Kuvasz is a burly dog with a serious attitude and plenty of stamina.  He is polite but not demonstrative.  He is bold, with intelligence and initiative.  Novice dog owners will be in over their heads with this breed.

Also known as the Hungarian Kuvasz, probably because it was there that this breed was developed into the dog we know today.  It is believed that the breed originated in Tibet and was brought to Hungary by nomadic Turks sometime during the Middle Ages. The Kuvasz was owned only by royalty for centuries, serving as companions, guards and hunters.  The dog is large enough to take down a bear, wolf, or  trespasser.  During the reign of King Matthias, in the fifteenth century, the breed was carefully developed.  Indeed, King Matthias was a great lover of the breed.  It is said he trusted no person, only his Kuvasz dogs.

In later centuries, commoners used the Kuvasz to herd and guard their livestock.

The name, Kuvasz is likely a mix of kawasz (Turkish) meaning armed guard of the nobility and kawwasz (Arabian) which means archer- signifying the unexcelled guarding instinct of the breed. 

The plural of Kuvasz is Kuvaszok.

Kuvasz Manifesto

I will protect you, your children and your animals.  But other dogs beware! 

-  don't micro manage me.  I am quite capable of determining what needs to be done

-  if you want a really big lap dog, get a Mastiff

The Kuvasz is a sure footed agile dog with good scent ability.  He can hunt and herd, but is most keen to protect.  He has a strong instinct to protect his family.  Owners need to understand this.  Though the Kuvasz is patient with children, he may misinterpret children's play as a threat and intervene unnecessarily.

Kuvaszok are sensitive, the most effective training is done with praise.

Some Kuvasz Facts

- weight:  70-115 pounds
- height at shoulder:  26-30 inches
- litter size 7-8
- life span:  9-12 years
- coat:  white, double with a soft undercoat and a straight or wavy medium length outer coat.  The coat is purported to be odorless!
- skin color ranges from slate gray to black

see some nice photos:

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  1. They're a beautiful breed. My brother had one.

  2. My cousin had one and loved it. He recently got a white retriever that looks almost exactly like a Kuvasz. Thanks for the nice story.

  3. I've never seen one in person, but this sounds like the kind of dog I'd love--odorless coat! Can't beat that!

  4. Yeah, I don't like being micro-managed either. but look at him, he's smiling!

  5. Beautiful, beautiful dogs. Also, Sir Poops and Hair Ball gave you the Sunshine Award.