Monday, March 19, 2012

Dog Hair and the Do-It-Yourselfer

My 110 year old home has a wonderful large pantry adjoining the kitchen.  The spring cleaning bug got me rearranging in that pantry.  Pretty soon, I resolved to paint the pantry walls and ceiling.  The kitchen you see, has a new nice coat of paint.  Well, pretty new, last summer it was new.  Or was it the summer before?

In any case, the pantry has the old yuck beige paint from the previous residents (is it really 17 years ago?!).  Soon the pantry will glisten in splendid bright green, just like the kitchen.  Mint green.  Yes, delicious spearmint chewing gum green.  Bright.  Cheerful.  Neat. 

OK.  Neatish.  Shop vac.  Sponge and bucket of suds.  Paint prep.  Drop cloth. 

Reality.  There will be dog hairs.  Just as there are dog hairs embedded in the kitchen paint.  Does anyone really notice them, besides me?  And if somebody does, why are they looking for trouble anyway?

Hair On the Drop Cloth 

Instead of letting it make me crazy, I've set it to music.  Mercifully, (trust me on this) the audio is not included here.

The pantry is going to look great when it's done.  Besides, the popcorn popper and the cans of beans will block the view of the occasional green dog hair entombed on the walls.  Should anybody remark on the hair, I shall tell them to stop looking for trouble.  I'll keep telling myself that too.  Till it sticks.  Till it sticks like that dang song I put in my head.

Happy Spring Everybody!


  1. This was funny. But I must tell you, that's why I've got Sir Poops and Hair Ball. They're hypo-allergenic. They don't shed...well it was one of the reasons I took them home. The truth is, I fell in love with them.

    Anyway, your painted dog hairs will add some more nostalgia to your place.

  2. Haha! Painters are in my living room painting as I type this. Too funny.

    I have two English Bulldog and a Yorkie. I think I have a spare hair or two floating around in my house. :D

  3. I love green and the new "textured" coated walls are all the rage Lynn! LOL