Thursday, May 26, 2011

Victorian Charm, Part 2.

My brother dubbed her "Nonny".  I had no say in the matter, mainly because I hadn't been born yet.  Nonny was my maternal grandmother and was, frankly, a bit of a prude.   Nonny's sensibilities ran toward the Victorian.  Though she was willing to say words such as "leg" or "tinkle", she would never say words like "gam" or "pee".

Nonny had a Pomeranian named Tinker.  Tinker knew where the Designated Elimination Area was.  It was outside.  "Do you wanna go outside?"  If she had to "go", Tinker knew a couple of barks and a quick pirouette would get the back door opened.

Once outside the order of business was, "do your dirt".  Rolls off the tongue nicely, doesn't it?  It is quaint and clean and rather enchanting.  I still use that command for my own dogs.  Call it a family tradition.  Every puppy I house train is taught "do your dirt". 

I may cuss under my breath while waiting for the dog to get on with it in a downpour but the "it" will forever remain "do your dirt".

I wouldn't have it any other way.  Thanks Nonny.


  1. I like that, but it could get a little messy in the rain. LOL

  2. I sing 'champion' when they do it outside. But 'do your dirt' is different.

  3. I'm sure the dogs appreciate your euphemism! Great post.