Monday, March 14, 2011

Picking on the Big Dogs

In another chilling example of ignorant presumption, Saginaw, MI is considering a proposal to declare ten dog breeds "dangerous". Here's the list of "dangerous dog breeds" the brilliant minds of Saginaw's city council have come up with :

Alaskan Malamute
Chow Chow
Doberman Pinscher
German Shepherd
Great Dane
"Pit Bulls"
Presa Canario
St. Bernard

OK. We read the list. How sentient beings decreed these particular ten dog breeds as dangerous is a head scratcher. The only thing these dogs seem have in common is that they are large breeds (large is commonly defined as weighing over fifty pounds). Of course, we know that size hardly matters in matters of assertiveness or irritability, let alone "dangerousness". It is far more likely that a Yorkshire Terrier will bite you than will an Irish Wolfhound.

But then when a group of bureaucratic buffoons gather to consider passing outrageously intrusive laws on the citizenry only because they once heard that somebody somewhere once got bit by a dog, stupidity prevails. In a word: stunning. More words come to mind: audacity, arrogance and over reach.

Let's look at this list. What exactly is a "Husky"? Any dog with prick ears and a fluffy curled tail perhaps? Such as the well known, wildly dangerous Samoyed, Finnish Spitz or Keeshond? Or do they mean that infamous savage, the Siberian Husky? Danger! Beware! High cuteness factor!

"Pit Bull" is what? American Staffordshire Terrier? Staffordshire Bull Terrier? American Pit Bull Terrier? Bull Terrier? If we're going to point fingers at it, shouldn't we be specific as to what we're talking about?

St. Bernard. Sure, I read Cujo. As I recall he went crazy because a rabid raccoon bit him, not because of an inherent violent nature found in St. Bernards. And laws requiring rabies vaccinations are already on the books.

Another Gentle Giant, the Great Dane made this bizarre list. True, the cops give Marmaduke a ride home fairly often but you'll notice they never cuff him. And there is the little matter of him being a fictional character. You may not find the comic funny, but dangerous? Nope.

Here's a fun entry to the ten baddest dogs of Saginaw: Presa Canario. Wow. Could they pick a breed you are less likely to bump into? How about the Leonberger or the Alaskan Klee Kai? The Presa Canario may be a so-called bully breed but it's rarity makes it pretty obvious how silly the members of Saginaw city council are.

The other dog breeds on this ludicrous list have been vilified before. They've been banned in other places before too. Funny thing is, dog bites don't magically stop. It's kind of like how automobile accidents don't magically stop when restrictions are placed on which car you are allowed to drive.

This proposed bill would charge an extra $50 registration fee for owning one of the breeds on this absurd list. What will they randomly charge extra for next? How about $100 if your dog's collar is not made from recyclable material? Or $50 more if your dog is tri-colored? Or maybe they could charge by the pound.

Even if you don't live in Saginaw, any dog owner ought to worry. How many more limits will we allow Government to set on us? Government intrusion on our Freedom takes many forms. This is another. The next arbitrary list may have your dog's name on it. Or your name.

Someone alert Martha Stewart! Saginaw considers one of her favorite breeds dangerous!
The American Kennel Club Government Relations Department follows legislation regarding dogs.


  1. It's the owner that's the problem, not the dog....

    Politicians! Morons, the lot of them no matter where you go...

  2. Wow. I wonder what type of research led to this list. And, I wonder if this means there are no working German Shepherds in the police department there.

    Great Danes ... I've never heard of anything so laughable.

    And huskies and malamutes, seriously? In Saginaw, you're going to ban huskies? I guess Saginaw isn't interested in the growing dog sled business in this state. What a shame.

    I disagree with breed bans entirely and I'll spare you all my lengthy diatribe on that. I'm just shocked to see some of the breeds that made this list. Thanks for the information, Lynn!

  3. That picture does make him look dangerous!

  4. You are so right, as a groomer, I know 1st hand that a yorkie and chihuahuas are far more vicious, as a majority, then pretty much all of these! So sad.


  5. Hey, found you on the Blog Entourage.

    I have a Siberian Husky and the only thing I'm worried about is him licking you to death. But in all seriousness, it's the owner not the dog. And I'd really like to know why it's always the big dogs that get picked on? I don't see them trying to ban/ put on a dangerous list if a chihuahua bites you.


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  7. Thank you, Unknown. And thanks for the link. I had the good fortune to meet some Alaskan Klee Kais at a dog show a few years ago. What gorgeous dogs!