Sunday, November 14, 2010

Tail of Two Surgeries, Part 3

Two years later, everything is just peachy. Then one morning Lester is acting worried. Was this just that quirky Chihuahua behavior we have come to expect from him? No, this was different and brought on a horrible case of deja vu. Yes, sometimes you just know something bad is going to happen- again. A little while later Lester is arching his back like he is in pain. Then his front legs got that jerky out of control look. His legs and body went out of sync.

Off we go to Commerce and the Animal Neurology and MRI Center. Dr. Galle is on duty. As he shakes my hand he remarks that I look familiar. Then it dawns on him and he says, sorry this happened to you again. Some ten percent of disc cases reoccur. The luck of Lester!

The MRI confirms that it's a disc herniation. This time it's at C3-4, right next door to the last disc misadventure.

Lester's recovery was quicker this time. Old dogs and new tricks? Dr Galle said Lester was trying to get up on his front legs as he was coming out of his anesthetic stupor. A few days later, Lester walked out of there.

Heartfelt Thanks to Dr. Galle and the wonderful staff at Animal Neurology.


  1. Good job Lester!
    When looking for your blog, I came across your website and loved the names you gave your dog biscuits. I really appreciate a good sense of humor. Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks so much! I've had such fun with the cookie names and the taste tester comments too. Lester is an expert...