Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Meanwhile in the Garden...

Had a hankering for stuffed peppers.  Trouble is, these are red peppers.

That's OK.  There's plenty of squash- and then some.

Happily, ducks like squash too.  Provided it is julienned first, of course.

Fried green tomatoes are not on the menu.

Looks like this plant plans to take flight when the time is ripe.


  1. Mum always used green peppers for hers but I think the red ones might be so tasty. Now I want to make some but it is still too hot here to be in the kitchen.
    Son and I want to make some Perogies in the fall !
    Your garden in wonderful.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. I may try making stuffed peppers with the red ones. They are so delicious raw, I hesitate to put heat on them. I must change my attitude about stuffing peppers!

      I love Perogies but am too darn lazy to make them from scratch.

  2. I'd go for green peppers over red. A bit of an aversion to anything too spicy.

    1. These reds are mild and friendly Bell peppers. I've considered growing some hot peppers but figured I'd never use them. Jalapenos are easy to grow but those aren't all that hot.

      hmmm Suddenly I have a hankering for heat!

  3. What a lovely garden. I always use red peppers to make stuffed peppers because the green ones are bitter when cooked.

  4. Hi Lynn, lovely garden you have there. I agree with Intangible Hearts, red peppers are sweeter tasting.