Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Pop Culture Frenzy, Round 38

Welcome once again to Pop Culture Frenzy.  Today's question involves naming a mountain.

The tallest mountain in North America is located in Alaska.  Since 1896 the mountain has been called Mount McKinley.  The mountain has been recently renamed.  What is this mountain's name now?


Because It's There?
Hostmaster:  motivation for the ages.  Incorrect.
Leon Czolgosz?
Hostmaster:  Leon Czolgosz?
He's the man who shot William McKinley.
Now that's celebrating
 gun culture in a big way!
That's not funny Fluffy.
William McKinley would
still be alive if guns
weren't so prevalent
in this country.
Hostmaster:  ahem.
Mt. Denali.
That's what the native
Alaskans used to
call it.  President
Obama is giving
them back their name.
Hostmaster:  basically correct.  The state of Alaska has been attempting to change the name of the mountain back to Denali since 1975.  Some folks in Ohio have fought the name change because it honors former president McKinley who was from Canton, OH.  It seems that legally renaming a mountain requires lots of procedures like creating a bill, voting on it, getting enough votes to pass it, and so on.

Then again, Barack Obama has his phone and his pen.  Presto chango.  The name change is done.
Meanwhile, the native Alaskans who hold the title to thousands
 of acres want to drill for oil on that land.  They are being kept from
 doing so because their land is also government park land.
  Apparently the federal government has veto power over what
native Alaskans can do on or with "their" land. 
Not much has been in the news about the meeting between President Obama and the native Alaskan leaders other than the mountain's name.  Word is though, that native Alaskans were far more interested in discussing the use of their land than in what the federal government calls the mountain.
 After changing the mountain's name, Obama
schooled Alaskans on climate change.  You know, climate
change is a greater threat than terrorism!

Naturally, fossils fuels are
a no-no in Obama's fundamentally
transformed America.
  What are the odds the native Alaskans
will be allowed to use their land as they choose?
As high as Denali?
So ends another round of Pop Culture Frenzy.

Round 38
Fluffy/Molly  16
Bryan/Cyndi  15


  1. It astounds me that people in Ohio who will probably never see the mountain held this up as long as they did.

  2. A name is a name.
    But the fact is what will happen to the mountain and the National Park ?

    cheers, parsnip

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  4. Mollie is always brilliant and thanks for reminding me about his pen and I think he still uses a Blackberry instead of a regular phone. LOL