Friday, February 6, 2015

Pretty Pigeon Poop

When I was a kid, an old man lived two doors down.  His garage was extra tall because the top half was home to a few dozen pigeons.  On Sunday mornings at seven a persistent scraping sound could be heard.  It was Mr. Pigeon Keeper doing poop removal.

My bedroom window was on the side of the house closest to Mr. Pigeon Keeper's coop.  This is why I can state with certainty that Mr. PK kept to his Sunday chore religiously.

Why the sudden reminiscence of my pigeon keeping neighbor?  Mike Tyson.

Yep.  Mike Tyson and the 93rd Grand National Pigeon Show.

Here's a link that talks about Tyson's soft spot for pretty birds. 

Here's a link with some really cool pictures of pigeons.


  1. I saw MT on the news talking about his new love for pigeons. Interesting.

  2. Strange that a guy like that has a soft spot for birds.

  3. What a strange and interesting post today.

    cheers, parsnip

  4. I love pigeons. They're brave. They come right up to you in NYC and London