Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Not So Somber Anniversary

At this moment a Apricot Canary named Schubert is singing in the next room.

My mother passed away one year ago.  Death anniversaries are not something I go out of my way to commemorate but as this is a first, maybe you'll indulge me. 

Mom loved Christmas, the decorations, the music, the gifts.  Did she ever love the gifts!  My Christmas stocking was always jammed full with everything from earrings to chewing gum- all festively wrapped. 

This Christmas was different.  Dad has his own approach to gift giving.  I received nice box of dog poop bags and some lovely money. 

My first thought was to buy books with the money (never a bad choice).  But instead I waited for just the right thing.  Yesterday I found the right thing.  He is singing today on the anniversary of my mother's death. 

Mom was a very good sport about pets.  She let my brother and me keep earthworms in the refrigerator.  We needed the worms, you see, to feed snakes and turtles and skinks.  Mom even allowed us to continue keeping worms in the refrigerator after one of us failed to secure the lid on the worm container.  The worms had spread out in their search for an escape from their refrigerator prison.  There were worms and sticky worm trails on the walls, the shelves,  the milk,  even inside the fruit drawer. 

Worm trails notwithstanding, Mom often checked with us to be sure the snakes and turtles and skinks had been fed and their enclosures properly cleaned.  Not only did Mom let us have pets, she taught us to care for them, and about them.  She was right.  A well cared for pet is one of the most joyful obligations there is.

And so on this first anniversary of Mom's passing, a pet bird reminds us that there is always joy to be had and joy to remember.


  1. She sounds like she was a great lady, and I imagine she'd like that the bird gives you comfort.

  2. What a great way to remember your mom.

  3. Memories never die, even when our loved ones do. My mother died 6 years ago and I still think of her always, driving in my car, grocery shopping, and writing.

    Aren't memories a great thing! :)

    Awesome post, and thank you for sharing.