Monday, June 27, 2011

Awards are Sweet

The original intended recipient of the Irresistibly Sweet Award declined- too busy waiting for the sugar coating to dry or something.  Thus, I step in as Honorable Mention or Second Tier or perhaps Semi Sweet to accept an Irresistibly Sweet Blogger Award.  Thank you Eve of The Desert Rocks.

It is a curious thing how differently we are perceived by others than how we perceive ourselves.  Me?  Sweet?  My writing?  Sweet?  I don't see it.  But some critters are sweet so maybe this makes me sweet by association.

In trying to understand this sweet business, let us consider two dear friends of mine.  Carla was not what I would call sweet.  She was a sort of smart alack.  For instance, when my husband, The Handsome One, would leave the room for a brief time, Carla would get up and take his chair.  She did this, I believe, not because it was the best seat in the house but because it caused THO to good naturedly bellow,  GET OUT OF MY CHAIR YOU BAD DOG YOU!

On the other hand, Wilma was sweet.  She was the kind of gal who put her head in your lap not because she wanted to be petted, but because she noticed you were a bit downcast so she figured you needed a little petting.

Let's return to Irresistibly Sweet Bloggers.  The Award rules say recipients are to offer 7 personal facts or tidbits and give 5 other bloggers a Sweet Award.  Non compliance is one of the subsets of my sweetness.  These rules are like chain letter rules or backyard croquet rules- acknowledge their existence then do what you want.

Here's some tidbits about me:

1.  From the age of ten through the age of thirty, I played softball with ferocious enthusiasm.

2.  Grape Nuts is my favorite cereal even though it is only edible when allowed to soak in milk for a minimum of twenty minutes.

3.  I am far more graceful on ice skates than I am in ballet slippers.

4.  The pond in my backyard has more frogs than flowers.  This is how it ought to be.

Now,  let's give some awards away!

To bettyl of incidental imagery.  She takes really cool photos and pairs them with pithy sayings.

To Erin of Nuka vs the Land Walrus.  She offers tales of her dogs with heart and humor.

Thanks again Eve.  You are sweet.

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  1. Gee whiz this is a very sweet post. Thanks for the kind mentions and I love the incidental imagery blogspot. I went to check it out and almost forgot to come back.
    I guess Carla wants your Handsome One's attention too. Very sweet story. You deserve this award big time and by the way, before I gave it to you, Sam already picked you as a winner too. Go check it out on Sam's Blog.

  2. Sam? Picked me?!! This is too much..I've got to sit down. Wait. Um.

    I'll just go to Sam's Blog now. Thanks Eve!

  3. Thanks so much for the award! I appreciate the honor!