Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Groundhog Day Cancelled Due to Snow

In a shining display of stunning pointlessness, we regret the possible cancellation of Groundhog Day. It snowed, you see. Even though it is winter and all, we must not venture out there. Maybe not even for a silly routine like the annual Groundhog Show.

Groundhog P. Phil made the following statement:

Look folks, this whole predicting with a shadow stuff got tedious long ago. I disliked being trotted out for this useless exhibition the moment it first happened to me.

Just flip a coin, will ya?


  1. I agree with Phil!

    William, what was it you said the groundhog's response would be? Something like "F*** this...."

  2. Poor little groundhog. I think he's safe for awhile....

  3. That's the way I'd say it, yes.

    Funny blog, Lynn!